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We See Lights

We See Lights is a musical collective usually based in Edinburgh but which may appear anywhere at any time.

We've released three EPs, We See Lights (2008), Snow In The Sand And Sky (2009) and Twee Love Pop (2011). We've also released an LP, Ghosts & Monsters (2010).

We're hoping to release our second LP, Bloody Twenties, later this year (2012).


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Hopeless at Maths

This is the first single from our forthcoming album, Bloody Twenties.

Download 'Hopeless at Maths' for free from Bandcamp!

Twee Love Pop

Our 6-track EP, lovingly recorded by Simon Reid (in his mum's livingroom no less... she's lovely) and released by Heroes & Glueplots.

Download 'My Oh My Oh My!' and 'Hope You Like The Smiths' for free from Bandcamp!

Ghosts & Monsters

The album was recorded in a cottage near Fort William, Chem19 in Hamilton and the Depot in Edinburgh with Ric Rograss. It was released in March 2010.

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